Decorating for the Holiday Season🎄

What type of Christmas decorator are you?

As for me, I am definitely becoming the Clark Griswold of the neighborhood. I love seeing the excited look on my child's and little cousins' faces when they see our house covered in twinkling lights, giant inflatable Christmas decorations, and, this year, a 40’ Santa that towers over our front yard.

Are you a Clark Griswold, going all out with over-the-top displays, or more of a Martha Stewart, preferring a simple and classic look? Either way, there is something for everyone when it comes to spreading holiday cheer through decorations.

Now, don't get me wrong, I appreciate a good, classic pine wreath and some simple greenery as much as the next person. But there is something so magical about going all out and spreading holiday cheer in the most epic way possible. And let's be real, isn't that what Christmas is all about? Bringing joy and happiness to those around us?

So, what are your favorite Christmas decorations? Do you go for a more traditional look, or do you embrace the over-the-top, extra spirit like me? Share your holiday decorating style with us in the comments below!

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